Friday, February 10, 2017

SLITHER.IO Online - Play Slitherio for Free is not new, but it is still crazy popular at the moment time! In fact, it is a very simple game. Basic concept of this game is similar to the famous game - Agario. Just enter in a zone of snake as a under powered weakling and try to become the fatest one by killing other and eating their dots. By now everyone is acquainted with the popular .io game genre. has brought a lot of attention to the genre back in 2015. Not long after the smashing success of, a number of browser-based and mobile games with similar gameplay came out of nowhere.
In the game, you are a dangerous snake looking for food. You maneuver through the void by avoiding crashing into other snakes who may cross your path. To grow and gain points, you gorge yourself with glowing light.
Tip for you: When a snake is defeated, the rest of the snake will get to eat it to become bigger. That's why a good strategy is trying to follow other bigger snakes while waiting for someone else to defeat them, so that you can eat it and get bigger. is a wonderful place for you to enjoy the best snake game ever. A chance to get a bunch of amusement and gaming experience once joining. It's time to enjoy .io arena with very colorful slithers. Play now!

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SLITHER.IO Online - Play Slitherio for Free
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