Friday, February 10, 2017 | Play Oceanario for free Online
The io game for you today is a awesome thrill game -! This game will make you excited with new dangerous character – Anglerfish!
Oceanario is an original sea-themed io game where you take control of an Anglerfish which is the fish with a light on its head. You start as a lonely fish in sea of edibles, crabs, jellyfish and of course other fishes. As you eat the surrounding debris and plankton you gradually gain some fish and crabs. Your slave fish will increase and can fight with other fish and their slaves when you are close to them. You have to attack other groups of fish or run away in the hope of growing even bigger. There are also jellyfish around the map, they do damage but can also be eaten.
Hey, let's expand your army, protect your Anglerfish fish and conquer the ocean! Enjoy right now!

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4/ 5